November 18, 2017

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November 30, 2016

More Mosques Receive Identical Rant Letter

[AP] Video: more mosques receive identical anti-Muslim rant letter

End of 52 Years of War?

The Congress of Colombia has approved a peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). It signals the formal end to over five decades of civil war, Latin America’s longest insurgency.

The vote was unanimous, although members of the Democratic Center party walked out prior to voting in both the Senate and the lower house.

The peace agreement is set to see the FARC abandon its weapons and form a political party over the course of the next six months. It was signed last week by President Juan Manuel Santos and rebel leader Rodrigo Londono.

Assaults on Border Patrol Up 200%

[NTK Network] Assaults on U.S. Border Patrol agents up 200% from 2015

Mnuchin: Deduction Reduction Will Balance Upper Class Tax Cuts

New Treasury head Steven Mnuchin says that the incoming administration’s tax cuts will primarily benefit the middle class, not the upper class. While the tax rates will be lowered for high income earners, those reductions will be partially offset by fewer tax deductions. [MORE]

OPEC Cuts Back Oil Production

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has announced a cutback in oil productions. The move, aimed to push up prices, which have recently been in freefall, is the first cutback in eight years.

The cutback will involve all member countries, but will affect Saudi Arabia’s production the most, and will last six months starting January 1. Crude production will be limited to 32.5M barrels per day, down over 1.5M from current output.

LA Buries Over 1400 Unclaimed Dead

[CBS] Los Angeles buries over 1400 unclaimed dead

Palin to Head Veterans Affairs?

[The Hill] Palin to head Veterans Affairs?

Federal Court Weights LGBT Workplace Discrimination

[AP] Federal court weights LGBT workplace discrimination

Congress Republicans to Tout Export-Friendly Tax Plan to Trump

[Reuters] Congress Republicans to tout experimental export-friendly tax plan to Trump

Tennessee Wildfire Toll Rises to 7

[AP] 3 more bodies found, Tennessee wildfire toll at 7

Planned Parenthood, Allies File Lawsuits on Abortion Restrictions

[AP] Planned Parenthood, allies file lawsuits on abortion restrictions in 3 states

Women in Draft Provision Excluded

Provision requiring women to register for draft dropped from final 2017 National Defense Authorization Act

Senate Fails to Block Expanded Hacking Powers for FBI

[Reuters] Senate fails to block expanded hacking powers for FBI

Trump Vows “In Total” Separation from Biz Interests

[Reuters] Trump vows to separate himself “in total” from business interests during presidency

Trump Showing Ambivalence to Intelligence

[Reuters] Trump showing ambivalence toward U.S. intelligence communities: few appointments, briefings

EPA Rushes Fuel Economy Decision to Beat Trump Oath

[WSJ] EPA rushes fuel economy decision to beat date for incoming Trump administration

Pelosi Fends Off Ryan Challenge, Stays Dem House Leader

Washington—Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected by House of Representatives Democrats to serve as House Minority Leader. She was fending off a challenge from Ohio’s Tim Ryan, but faced little difficulty in the end, gaining support from 134 of 198 House Democrats.

Ryan had insisted that the failure to capture the House or the Senate while also losing the presidential election was a sign that “changes were necessary.”

2 Argentina Priests Arrested: Alleged Sexual Abuse

[AP] 2 priests arrested for alleged sexual abuse of children

Vets: We’re Sending 2000 to Standing Rock to Protect Protesters

[UPI] Vets: we’re sending 2000 to Standing Rock to protect protesters

Death Count in Smoky Mountain Wildfires: 4

[UPI] Death count in Smoky Mountain wildfires in Tennessee reaches 4

Five Killed in TN, NE Alabama Storms

[UPI] 5 killed in Tennesse, northeast Alabama storms

Pilot on Brazilian Soccer Plane: No Fuel

[UPI] Pilot on Brazilian soccer team’s plane notified controllers before crash: out of fuel

Pence Rather Than Trump Getting Intel Briefings

[SOFREP] VP-elect Pence getting intel briefings rather than Trump

November 29, 2016

Stein Sues to Force Wisconsin Recount to Be Done By Hand

[Breitbart] Stein sues to force Wisconsin ballot recount to be done by hand

Texas Passes Fetus Burial Law

[Time] Texas passes law mandating burial or cremation of aborted fetuses, legal challenges expected

Earthquake Hits Polish Mine: 2 Dead, 9 Missing

[Reuters] 2 dead, 9 missing after quake strikes Polish mine

Trump, Pence Help Salvage 1,000 Jobs in United Tech/Carrier Deal

[Reuters] Trump, Pence help salvage 1,000 Indy jobs with United Technologies Carrier plant deal

Ontario Passes Bill Radically Redefining Parenting

Toronto—The Ontario legislature has passed Bill 28, which redefines the meaning of family along radical LGBTQ lines. The new law slashes legislative references to terms such as “father,” “mother” and “natural parents,” and redefines parents to include a purely contractual relationship between up to four adults, whether related or cohabiting or not. [MORE]

Canada Trudeau Gov’t Surprises with Pipeline Approvals

[CBC] Canada’s Trudeau gov’t surprises with approval of Kinder Morgan, Enbridge pipelines (rejected: Northern Gateway)

Stein Running Mate Baraka Disagrees With Recount Effort

[CNN] Stein running mate Baraka disagrees with recount effort, fears will be “seen as carrying water for Democrats”

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